Talent Recruiter (Werkstudent)

Remote - Based in Germany

Werkstudent (m/w/d))- 15 to 20 hrs/week (flexible schedule)

This role must be based in Germany


We are looking for a Talent Recruiter Werkstudent to help with talent sourcing and recruiting. You will have the chance to walk away with first-hand experience in tech and design recruiting for a value-driven and fast-growing team.

Who you are

You are amazing with people. You can spot talent and understand everyone’s potential. You love the power of values and a culture-driven organization. You like to think and get things done.

  • You are highly organized and professional.
  • You are a problem solver, a do-er by nature. 
  • You are empathetic and can read people
  • You are a native German speaker
  • You are fluent in English
  • You can explain our company vision and transfer what we stand for
  • German Register Student (this is a Werkstudent position)

What you'll do

You will be helping review the people who apply to Refokus, and also search and source potential candidates.

  • Review and answer the applications we get.
  • Search for amazing people!
  • Write and improve our job descriptions
  • Search in LinkedIn, forums, groups, Slack channels, and anywhere you believe you can find the people who should be working at Refokus.
  • Have first calls with candidates to evaluate their culture fit and explain to them how amazing Refokus is.
  • Source and build partnerships that can help us scale our recruitment efforts.
  • Research how to improve our employment branding
  • Come up with ideas to keep our people happy, motivated, and having fun while boosting productivity and retention.

We empower people to build amazing stuff

Everyone in the team is given the tools, trust, and support they need to do the best work of their careers and build websites they are proud of.

Do Great Work

We create digital products that have an impact, that help businesses grow, and that make people wow.


We are a fully remote team, by design. We prefer people in Germany (as we are a German company) and Europe (to make sure we can meet sometimes.)

Flexible Hours

Organize your working day/week, distributing your working hours to better fit your working style and schedule.

Profit Sharing

We’re all in this together! We value what everyone does and give out any increase in profits to all our people as a bonus.

Value Driven

Our values guide everything we do and what we want to be.

Always Growing

We are ambitious, we don’t settle, and we are aiming for greatness for the company and for everyone in it.

Sponsored Education

If you want to learn something and make everyone stronger, there is a big chance we will sponsor you.

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Talent Recruiter (Werkstudent)

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